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Exceptional Restorative Dentistry for San Antonio, TX, Families

dental restorations in san antonio texasA set of beautiful, healthy teeth can boost your self-esteem and encourage you to smile. If you want to enhance your smile and revive your oral health, our San Antonio dentist has the passion and skills to help you achieve your smile goals.

We care about giving you the long-lasting results you deserve. Contact our dental office and schedule your visit today!


A Full Suite of Restorative Dental Services

Our skilled team strives to regain oral health by repairing and replacing decayed and missed teeth. We restore the functionality of your bite while delivering aesthetically pleasing results. We offer various dental restoration services to adults, seniors, and children as young as two years old. Our quality services include:

Why Choose Joseph P. Holmes, DDS?

Dr. Holmes and our talented team can precisely diagnose and treat your dental health problems. Dr. Holmes uses a comprehensive approach to fix your smile. He is well-trained in bite alignment and will examine your bite before making restorations that could otherwise fail if a misalignment is not corrected.

We provide compassionate care by listening to your concerns and identifying your specific needs. Once your situation is diagnosed, we discuss the recommended treatments and sedation options to help you make an informed decision. Our San Antonio dentist then create a comprehensive treatment plan to address your current issues and improve your overall oral health.

Dental Implants to Revive Your Smile

A dental implant is the most versatile restoration for tooth replacement as it replaces both the tooth roots and the crown. It consists of a titanium post that attaches into the jaw, a prosthetic that serves to replace the tooth, and an abutment that connects both. Dr. Holmes will examine your mouth to see if you have good oral health and adequate jawbone density that can support an implant.

san antonio dental implantsThe benefits of dental implants include:

  • Providing high stability as the most reliable tooth replacement option
  • Having a high success rate
  • Providing restorations for your bite force
  • Promoting jawbone health by stimulating the jawbone
  • Preventing adjacent teeth from shifting to preserve your facial structure

Implant-Supported Restorations

At the practice of Joseph P. Holmes, DDS, our team provides you with implant restorations of exceptional quality. We offer various prosthetic options to replace one or multiple teeth. Our available procedures treat:

Single Missing Tooth: A crown attached to an implant is used to replace a single tooth

Two to Three Missing Teeth: Bridges restore several lost teeth when supported by two dental implants

Multiple Missing Teeth: Partial dentures replace multiple missing teeth throughout the smile

Entire Arch of Missing Teeth: Full dentures can restore your upper or lower arch using six to eight implants

Top Quality Restorations for Optimal Dental Health

Dr. Holmes works with local labs that use top quality materials to provide you with long-lasting restorations and natural-looking treatments. We believe that choosing the best materials is vital in preserving your dental health.

Dental Fillings for a Bright Smile

Our team is skilled at catching early signs of tooth decay. We use fillings to repair cavities and protect your teeth from further damage. First, we remove the decaying part of enamel, then replace it with the filling. Fillings are ideal for restoring teeth with minor cracks, wear, or chips.

Improve Your Smile with Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns are caps that perfectly resemble the natural color of your tooth. It encases your tooth and strengthens it. We use crowns to repair teeth with severe damage. A dental crown can be used to:

  • Repair a deep crack
  • Restore a dental implant
  • Support a dental bridge
  • Support a tooth with a large filling
  • Cover a misshapen tooth

Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth in a Row

If you have a gap in your bite that prevents you from smiling confidently, we are here to help. If you are missing two to three teeth in a row, a bridge can help replace them. Dental bridges are made up of false teeth connected to crowns on either side of the gap. Neighboring teeth support the bridge and keep it in place.

Full & Partial Dentures for a Whole Smile

custom dentures in san antonio texasIf you have multiple or a full arch of missing teeth, dentures may be a good option for you.

There are full and partial dentures. Full dentures are designed to replace an entire arch of missing teeth and can be used for the upper or lower jaw or both. Partial dentures are used when you have a few teeth remaining. Both types of dentures are capable of improving your function and appeal. They resemble your natural teeth and gums and are not easily noticeable by others.

Revive your Smile with Root Canal Therapy

If you have severe tooth decay or an injury that extends inside the tooth, root canal therapy becomes necessary to save your remaining tooth structure. During treatment, Dr. Holmes will start by taking precise images to see where the damage is exactly. He will then use local anesthetic, so you don’t feel pain. He removes the infected pulp and nerves and cleans up the area from bacteria before filling the canals with dental materials. Finally, he restores the tooth with a dental crown.

Should I Be Worried if I Need a Root Canal?

You shouldn’t worry. Root canal therapy preserves your oral health and saves the healthy part of your natural teeth. A root canal procedure aims to alleviate your pain, which resulted from infection. By using our compassionate approach to remove your infected tissue, we prevent the infection from spreading to other areas of your smile.

Tooth Extraction Services

We try to save your natural tooth structure as much as possible and only perform extractions as a last resort. We use a gentle approach for all extractions and provide wisdom teeth extractions when necessary. We do not compromise your health under any circumstances and refer your case to a specialist if you need more complex treatment.

Feel Relaxed with Our Gentle Sedation Dentistry

We care about your well-being and are equipped to deal with dental fear and anxiety. For complex cases, we provide oral conscious and IV sedation to help patients relax and be at ease during treatments. 

Sedation can be useful for those who:

  • Are too anxious to sit still in the dentist’s chair
  • Have a low pain threshold
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Need multiple dental procedures done
  • Have sensitive teeth and gums

Get Spectacular Solutions to Your Dental Imperfections

If you or your loved ones are looking to get a dental checkup or have any issues with your teeth, Joseph P. Holmes, DDS., and our dental team are looking forward to helping you. We are experienced in restorative dentistry and are ready to put in the effort to help you achieve the best results.

Our dentist provides an integrated approach for optimal oral health. We use the latest dental techniques to improve the strength and beauty of your smile and provide you with the customized services that fit your specific needs. If you reside in San Antonio, TX, or any of the surrounding neighborhoods, contact us today for long-lasting and effective restorations.


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